Strathaven Golf Club

Baxter Trophy (0730 - 1530)

Saturday 1st June
Strathaven Golf Club, Tee - Black
H'cap Allowance: 95%


Strathaven Golf Club DO NOT permit OpenPlay golfers to participate in their Open competitions.

No refunds will be issued within 7 days of the competition.

Baxter Trophy (0730 - 1530)

Saturday 1st June 2024, Black Tees, Strathaven Golf Club

(95% handicap allowance)

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ResultsNett [click for Gross]
1st Stuart McLachlan(3) 66
2nd Graeme Whyte(2) 68
3rd Alan Reid_2(1) 69
4th Colin Raeburn(0) 69
5th Andrew Oliphant(2)  Wishaw71
6th Barry B Stevenson(5)  Colville Park71
7th Ian Ferguson(5) 71
8th Ian Danskin(1) 71
9th Sean Farrelly(5)  Bellshill71
10th Andrew J Steven(-2)  Easter Moffat72
11th Lewis Caddell(0)  Easter Moffat72
12th Gavin Roger(0)  Clober73
13th Brian Perrie(2) 73
14th Ciaran Reilly(0)  Easter Moffat73
15th Alasdair Macmillan(2)  Wishaw73
16th Stephen Bradley(-1)  Easter Moffat73
17th Grant Bett(1)  Glasgow73
18th Marc Templeton(5) 73
19th Robert Scott(-1) 73
20th Jamie Bradley(1)  Colville Park73
21st Greg Andrews(-3)  East Kilbride74
22nd Kevin Logan(0)  Clydebank & District74
23rd Jack Thomas(0)  Irvine74
24th Keith Nisbet(1) 74
25th Peter McAdams(6)  Kirkhill74
26th Kevin Mclelland(4)  Wishaw74
27th David Dolan(2)  Bellshill74
28th Derek Lambie(2)  Easter Moffat74
29th Alastair Riddell(2)  Bellshill75
30th Neil Mcconnochie(1)  Balmore Ltd75
31st Stewart Henderson(-3)  Hamilton75
32nd Craig Bryce(1)  East Kilbride75
33rd Lyle Brown(3)  Hamilton75
34th David Findlay(-2)  Bellshill75
35th Michael Daily(-2)  Erskine75
36th Darren Mallinson(-1)  Irvine76
37th Callum Connacher(0)  Wishaw76
38th Graeme Callan(2) 76
39th David Fair(-1)  Hamilton76
40th Stephen Mullan(0)  Greenock76
41st Christopher Kelly(0)  Cathcart Castle76
42nd Phil Lewis(6) 76
43rd Brian Currie(2)  Clydebank Overtoun76
44th Callum Kerr(6) 76
45th Les Mclaughlin(4)  East Kilbride77
46th Sandy Mccallum(3)  Wishaw77
47th Alistair Ritchie(3) 77
48th Gerard Findlay(4) 77
49th Craig Mcclure(4)  Greenock77
50th Dylan Burt(-3)  Colville Park77
51st Christopher Robert Kelso(5)  Colville Park77
52nd Stuart Fairgrieve(3) 77
53rd Allan Johnston(-2)  Bonnyton77
54th Iain Gourlay(6) 78
55th Greg Cathie(-1)  Irvine78
56th Andrew Halpin(5)  Clober78
57th Richard Gray(5)  Loudoun Gowf Club78
58th Kieran Quinn(-2)  Clydebank & District78
59th Michael Coulter(0)  Drumpellier78
60th Neil Rainey(6)  Erskine78
61st Stuart Grant(3)  Wishaw78
62nd Tyler Sneddon(2) 78
63rd Craig Taylor(-1)  Crow Wood79
64th Conor Neil(-2)  Easter Moffat79
65th Scott Hamilton(6) 79
66th David McClelland(0)  Crail Golfing Society79
67th Paul Dorrian(-4)  Greenock79
68th Gabriel Burns(-1)  Bothwell Castle79
69th Jamie Gallacher(1)  Greenock79
70th James Ryan McKenzie(-4)  Erskine79
71st Ben Paterson(2)  Glasgow79
72nd Paul Taylor(5)  West Linton80
73rd Ryan Corrigan(2)  Airdrie80
74th Graham Rankin(0)  Drumpellier80
75th Martin O hear(6)  Easter Moffat80
76th Graham Stark(1)  Strathclyde Park80
77th Rudy Brown(0)  Crail Golfing Society80
78th Mark ODonnell(-4)  Hamilton81
79th Alan Laird(3) 81
80th Euan Bogle(-3)  Lanark81
81st Cameron Dalziel(0)  Airdrie81
82nd Jordan Quinn(1)  Greenhills81
83rd Daniel Rainey(1)  Gleddoch Resorts Ltd81
84th Steven Rennie(-3)  Drumpellier81
85th Ian Cook(3)  Wishaw81
86th Hamish Cormack(3)  East Kilbride81
87th Kevin Davidson(1)  Bellshill82
88th Stuart Fletcher(5)  East Kilbride82
89th Jamie Forbes(0)  Carnwath83
90th Stewart S Kirkland(3)  Crail Golfing Society84
91st Mitchell Ronald(-2)  East Kilbride84
92nd stephen o'hear(3)  Easter Moffat84
93rd Philip Devine(0)  Cowglen85
94th Ben Paterson(2)  Bellshill86
95th Daniel Muir(2)  East Kilbride88
96th Kenan Ingram(2)  GreenockNR
97th Kieran McVicar(-4)  East KilbrideNR
98th Stuart Horn(6) NR
99th Colin Sharp(4)  Easter MoffatNR
100th Craig Robertson(2)  LanarkNR
101st David Forsyth(3) NR
102nd Blair Macdonald(-1)  Torrance HouseNR
103rd Chris Newall(2)  CampsieNR
104th Iain MacCalman(-1)  CloberNR
105th Samuel Byrne(4)  Easter MoffatNR
106th Chris Lafferty(2)  Colville ParkNR
107th Stephen Ronald(2)  LanarkNR
108th Jamie McMann(5) NR
109th Gordon Sneddon(5) NR
110th Ross Menzies(3) NR
111th Ross Gillon(4) NR
112th Craig Devine(5)  Hilton ParkDQ No card submitted
113th Soni Ahmed(4)  Troon St MeddansDQ No card submitted
114th George J Robertson(-1)  IrvineDQ No card submitted

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Competition Fees:
  • £25.00 Per Member (Required On Entry)
Open To: Men
Current Entries: 114

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